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Below are the recipe collector form links. While the focus is on natural, unprocessed, plant-based foods, recipes with not too much, or optional animal products may be included. The links allow our volunteers to process the data in “artisanal” batches, and will provide some consistency to make reading and following the recipes easy. 

You may use any of the links as many times as you wish. You will not be “tracked,” or sent any emails, except one or two project progress reports to let you know when the book is finished.

All recipes will be fully attributed to the Contributor using the name you provide for the purpose. Please don´t be modest or shy! We need diversity and variety to be successful, so please send the links to others. Contributors so far report that the form is easy to use, and takes just a few minutes. Have fun! 

Cooking at home
Sauteed Chard with Garlic
Walnut and Sunseed Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Pizza with Turnip and Pesto